Ignite detail new album A War Against You

Official press release:

Southern California’s very own melodic hardcore-punk legends, Ignite are happy to reveal the front cover of their upcoming album A War Against You which is the long awaited follow-up to Our Darkest Days.

A War Against You will see a worldwide release on January 8th, 2016.

A digital preorder of the album is scheduled to go online December 4th, 2015. If you preorder the album you will get an instant download of the first song, “Nothing Can Stop Me”. At the same date a strictly limited 7″ will be available for “Nothing Can Stop Me”.

A War Against You track listing:

1. “Begin Again”
2. “Nothing Can Stop Me”
3. “This Is A War”
4. “Oh No Not Again”
5. “Alive”
6. “You Saved Me”
7. “Rise Up”
8. “Where I’m From”
9. “The Suffering”
10. “How Is This Progress?”
11. “You Lie”
12. “Descend”
13. “Work”

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