Hostium 3

Official press release:

From the godless north of Canada comes Hostium’s debut album, The Bloodwine Of Satan, set for international release on January 11th via Iron Bonehead Productions on vinyl LP format. Ghoulish and ghastly, clanging and coruscating, The Bloodwine Of Satan overflows with grim, grinding black metal splendor.

Hostium emerged from the darkness and first rehearsed in Vancouver, British Columbia sometime in 2006, with Necrovermin on guitar and vocals, Luzifaust on drums, and no definitive bass player. In 2008, they recorded and released a very limited-run demo, Primitive Devil Worship, that would later be independently released on cassette as Pissing Incest on The Virginborn. There were no rehearsals again until early 2013, and shortly after, they recruited bassist Chernobog from Nordwind. After several years of rehearsals and a few local live rituals, Hostium recorded their debut album.

Utterly intoxicating to the last drop, The Bloodwine Of Satan is black metal in the ancient vein, which pulses straight into the veins with venomous intent, possessing mind/body/spirit for the greater glory of Him. It makes no apologies for its anachronistic nature, nor do Hostium as a whole sound strikingly similar to anyone else. Simply, it is BLACK witching METAL fortified with the sweet elixir of beyond-the-shade dread and teeth-gnashing trance. Drink deeply for Satanic sustenance… LP to be released at the same time as CD (on NecroShrine).

The Bloodwine Of Satan track listing:

1. “Through Realms Of Oblivion”
2. “Holy Spirit Of Satan”
3. “Bloodwine Chalice”
4. “Arcane Deathwomb”
5. “Epitaph”
6. “From Soulless Ruins”
7. “Epitaph”
8. “Thirst For Destruction/Heathen Burial”

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