Barathrum 4

Official press release:

Saturnal Records continues to re-release the demos of legendary Finnish black metal band Barathrum. December 11th is marked for the re-release date of the cult demo Devilry, which represents the trademark jet-black metal sound of Barathrum in a more raw and underground form, dating back right before the release of their classic album Legions Of Perkele. Previously only released as a cassette in 1998, Devilry now comes in picture LP format specially mastered for the vinyl format. A song sample for this release can be heard HERE. Pre-orders are live at the label’s webshop.

Devilry track listing:

1. “Necromantical Ritual”
2. “Last Day In Heaven”

3. “Revenge By Magick”
4. “Angelburner”

Barathrum 1

Barathrum 2