Hope Vista debuts “Dominance” video

Pop rocker Hope Vista has teamed up with AXS to premiere the music video for her track “Dominance”. The singer says of the track:

“I wrote ‘Dominance’ about the intensity of being physically attracted to someone, and how sometimes that can be both overwhelming and empowering. You can feel your heart racing, your body sometimes shake and your stomach does flips. But at the same time that makes you feel confident, strong, and ready to move forward with those feelings. ‘Dominance’ highlights both sides of attraction.”

The song is off Hope Vista’s newly dropped EP Prevail, which can be picked up now on iTunes.

Prevail EP track listing:

1. “25/8”
2. “Back Against The Wall”
3. “Dominance”
4. “I Prevail” (feat. Nick Thompson)
5. “Half Past Fine”

Hope Vista 1