Indie rocker Emily Kopp has a new music video out for her new single “Chasing Streetlights”. She had the following to say of the clip:

“This song tells a story. After several years travelling as a musician, I realized I had accumulated hours and hours of video footage. Mostly, footage that had gone unreleased. There it was. So, for the video, rather than showcase the song alongside a made-up, scripted, cinematic, storyline…why not just tell our story? I decided to pull from everything. From early shows, and days of touring in my Scion to playing in front of sold out crowds. Not a lot of people get to see the “in between” moments that those who share the sometimes claustrophobic space of a tour van experience. More than anything – those tend to be the special moments I remember most. The laughter, camaraderie, frequent discomfort, and mostly, not-so-glamorous moments. What a better way to tell our story as a band than through our own lenses, as we chase streetlights.”

The song is the lead track from Kopp’s upcoming EP Making Sense Of, out December 4th. “Chasing Streetlights” is available now on iTunes and Google Play.

Making Sense Of track listing:

1. “Making Sense Of”
2. “Chasing Streetlights”
3. “Lovers Intertwined”
4. “In The Dark”

Emily Kopp 2

[via After Ellen]

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