If abominably heavy, sludge noise is not your cup of tea then this post might not be for you because I am here to talk about Hogslayer, the Cardiff-based sludge machine that is gearing up to unleash its sophomore full-length Defacer. But who are Hogslayer anyway? Well, the band surfaced a mere three years ago after the disbandment of metalcore outfit Shaped By Fate in 2012. Vocalist Paul Fortescue – known as Lord Bastard in Hogslayer – teamed up with members of U.K. stoner/doom unit Zonderhoof to forge Hogslayer. After an independently release digital EP, and a full-length cassette limited to 100 copies, the band have now joined forces with Undergroove Records to bring you eight new tracks of sludge-laden noise.

Defacer will see the light of day next week on Monday, May 4th via Undergroove Records. The LP will be available on iTunes and Amazon. The outfit released a taste of the effort late last year in the form of the music video above for the track “Despiser”.

Defacer track listing:

1. “Slowhawk”
2. “Despiser”
3. “Wülfbaanger”
4. “Bludgeon”
5. “Burn Them Out”
6. “Warcries”
7. “Bastard Of Reality”
8. “This Spiteful Cycle”
9. “Mealworm” (bonus track)