Heirsound debut “Lacuna” music video

Heirsound have released a music video for their new song “Lacuna”. One half of the duo, Alexa San Rom├ín commented:

“Have you ever met someone who you felt like you knew in a past life? The second you started talking it was like you were picking up where you once left off? It felt like how I would imagine it would feel if you had someone erased from your memory and then met them again. ‘Lacuna’ provides a glimpse of familiarity, hope & a distraction from a cloudy mindset.”

The track is set to appear on the group’s second installment in their Layers EP series, Layers Vol. II. The new EP is set to hit stores this Friday, June 2nd, with pre-orders available now on iTunes.

Layers, Vol. 2 EP track listing:

1. “Bliss”
2. “Lacuna”
3. “Peace Of Mind”
4. “Next Life”
(feat. KC Dalager)

[via IMPOSE Magazine]