Band: Heart Tide
Song: “Medicate”
Album: Vulnerable
Release Date: December 1st, 2017

Bandleader Samu Hietainen explains:

‘Medicate’ is absolutely the most ambitious thing I’ve ever written. I knew it was going the be the last song released so I wanted to make it feel like the last song on the record. A great build-up and lots of valleys and peaks. Production-wise I spent the most time on it. Obviously when a song is six minutes long, there are so much details you can work on and obsess over. In the end I do feel extremely satisfied with what the song became. I think it’s massive.”

Regarding his “mix-tape”, Vulnerable, Hietainen:

“I think the ‘mixtape’ release is the best thing to do right now for me. There’s not really anyone else besides rappers that do it so I thought it would be fun to try something unusual. It’s an eclectic collection of songs, there’s something for almost everyone. And even though I didn’t write the songs with an album in mind, it still feels like a body of work.”

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