Band: The Complex Dialect
Song: “One Constellation”
Album: Change
Release Date: December 1st, 2017

Guitarist Earnie Ashwood comments:

‘One Constellation’ is the emotional turning-point in the album. It’s the beginning of a mentality shift from calling out these external and internal issues we face towards processing those issues and moving forward. A large portion of moving forward is using the concept of perception as a tool for healing. The song removes the listener from the saturation of pain we face in our daily lives and challenges them to ask, ‘what does this all mean in the grand scheme of existence?,’ by changing the landscape towards the deep cosmos. Sometimes to really process and begin that journey towards progress and change, you have to change your perspective, and in this case step outside your own personal universe”


  • Change track listing:

    1. “Radar”
    2. “No Man’s Land”
    3. “Rude”
    4. “Fall”
    5. “Capitalism”
    6. “One Constellation”
    7. “Looking For A Friend For The End Of The World”
    8. “Change”
    9. “Anything”

    [via Huffington Post]