There is no shortage of super groups these days and now we have one that called Mourn that is rounded out by bassist Robin Zielhorst (ex-Cynic, Exivious), drummer Thomas Frankhuijzen (March), guitarist Kas Kluitman and vocalist Pieter Verpaalen (ex-Textures). The band have released an EP titled The Beaten Path which can be purchased here. Below you have the complete stream of The Beaten Path EP along with the band’s profile found on their Soundcloud.

“In late 2013, MOURN decided to bring nothing new. Since everything already had been done before, and everything else wouldn’t be worth making, these brave young men decided to do something entirely different: to acknowledge their total lack of cutting edge. Trying not to copy other bands, this band makes a mixture of Metal, Rock and Blues like a lot of other bands before them. Bands you of course have heard of, going from Pantera and Down to Black Sabbath and Black Label Society.

Founding member Robin Zielhorst (ex-Cynic, Ex-Blue Man Group, Exivious), found like minded forces in Thomas Frankhuijzen (March), Kas Kluitman and Pieter Verpaalen (ex-Texures) to walk this beaten path of metal. The result is a grooving metal machine that does not stop until you’re beating your head to the sound of the riffs. You could describe its genre as HeavyStonerBluesGrooveRockSludgeMetal. MOURN’s heavily riff oriented music trades technical prowess and speed for groove and feel boldly going where many bands have gone before.

Around the summer of 2014 MOURN recorded their first EP “The Beaten Path” to start their road to world domination. This EP will bring you 3 of their most powerful songs to give you a little taste of their music. Be sure to listen, buy, download and share this music anywhere and with anyone you’d like.”