Nashville, TN technical black/death outfit Enfold Darkness have premiered a lyric video for their new single “Terror Of A Perilous Quest”. The song is the first taste of the group’s forthcoming sophomore album Adversary Omnipotent, which arrives July 14th through The Artisan Era. Pre-orders of the record are available now at the label’s webstore and Bandcamp.

Adversary Omnipotent track listing:

1. “Awaken, Brak’tal O’minn”
2. “Lairs Of The Ascended Masters”
3. “Liberator Of Mages”
4. “The Sacred Daemonic”
5. “Invocation Of Na’ak Ba’ran”
6. “Banishment”
7. “Arise, Morning Star, Into The Netherworld”
8. “The Adversary, Omnipotent”
9. “Terror Of A Perilous Quest”
10. “The Test Of Wisdom”
11. “Dirge Of The Surrogate Invictus”
12. “Summoning The Archons”
13. “Vanish Into Damnation”

[via Toilet Ov Hell]