Enabler have scheduled their new album Fail To Feel Safe (Century Media) for release on August 7th. The record was produced by Greg Thomas (Misery Signals, Shai Hulud) and engineered by Chris Teti. The cover art was done by Chris Smith and can be found below along with the track listing. Pre-orders are live now and can be purchased here.

Fail To Feel Safe track listing:

1. “Suffer To Survive”
2. “Fail To Feel Safe”
3. “By Demons Denied”
4. “Euphoric Revenge”
5. “Isolation Sickness”
6. “Sinister Drifter”
7. “Sail The Sea Of Fire”
8. “Haunted”
9. “Drownage”
10. “Demolition Praise”
11. “Malady”
12. “La Furia”
13. “Sabotage Within”

Enabler 3

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