Distant premiere video for new single “Aeons of Oblivion” feat. Adam Warren

Band: Distant
Song: “Aeons of Oblivion” feat. Adam Warren
Director: Bart Sperling
Album: Aeons of Oblivion
Release Date: June 11th, 2021
Label: Unique Leader Records

The band said of the track:

‘Aeons Of Oblivion’, the title track to the album, is an important track for us. Bringing a beast out from hiding and into the light, we hold this track very close with Adam Warren on board. This song, ‘Aeons Of Oblivion’, captures the final conquest of Tyrannt Taglaroth, as written in our book The Rise Of Tyrannotophia. With the relentless assault of Adam’s vocal feature and the punishing music to match – ‘Aeons Of Oblivion’ is sure to make your ear drums scream for help, help that will only come once you finish the album.”

Aeons of Oblivion track listing:

  1. “Pandemonium”
  2. “Hellmouth”
  3. “Temple Of Taglaroth” feat. Mendel bij de Leij (ex-Aborted)
  4. “Aeons Of Oblivion” feat. Adam Warren (Oceano)
  5. “Graveborn”
  6. “The Offering”
  7. “Oedipism”
  8. “Dawn Of Corruption” feat. Jason Evans (Ingested)
  9. “Cryogenesis” feat. Lochie Keogh (Alpha Wolf)
  10. “The Void”
  11. “The Eternal Lament”
  12. “Dusk Of Anguish” feat. John Robert C. (The Last Ten Seconds of Life)
  13. “Ritual I: Cyklus”
  14. “Ritual II: Rakva”
  15. “Ritual III: Vermilion Rivers”
  16. “Ritual IV: Hull Of Crows”
  17. “The Tyrannt’s Covenant” feat. Kyle Anderson (Brand of Sacrifice)
  18. “Maledictus”
  19. “Argent Debt” (bonus tracks)