Coal Chamber/DevilDriver frontman Dez Fafara made an appearance on Full Metal Jackie’s show where he spoke about both bands and what fans can expect from both this year. Regarding Coal Chamber forthcoming effort – which will be released sometime this year via Napalm Records – he offered the follwoing:

“It’s actually been 13 years since we’ve made music together. We let it grow organically and we did what we were going to do organically. So there is a growth in the music for sure. I think that if you were going to try and come back with Coal Chamber and do something kind of throwback tour, or a throwback record and throwback sound I don’t think that would work. So I keep telling people, don’t expect some throwback record. This is Coal Chamber in 2015. It’s going to be a different story.

It’s got a lot of really killer hooks, I think the band did an amazing job with the music. Mark Lewis on production was incredible. We had a great time doing the record, so there was a lot of fun surrounding it. That was the key word, let’s have fun. I think people are really going to love this stuff. They’re going to dig it and if you’re a Coal Chamber fan, you’re definitely going to love it. If you were never a Coal Chamber fan, I think you’re going to come over to this side and dig it.”

On the DevilDriver side of the coin, Fafara states that the band will be writing and possibly enter the studio to record. He also addressed the recent lineup change, here what he had to say:

“The timeline is we’re definitely going to write this year and probably record this year and drop it in 2016. What made him the right guy is he’s more than capable. You can understand when members leave a band and Jeff the guitar player left because he just didn’t want to tour anymore and I totally understood that after the schedule we kept for almost 13 years.

John wanted to try and do some stuff on his own and it was more than OK with me after that length of time. So, when you do replacement members you want to get people who are more than capable or more capable than who you had.

I definitely am looking forward to playing with Austin, he’s a great guy and a great drummer. He’s got an incredible stage presence and when he came in for the audition he absolutely just smoked it. He’s just an incredible guy and you get a real good vibe from him, which is another thing.

We’re going to tour a lot so you’re going to have to have that. The guitar player is also — we’ve also got a new guitar player but we’re going to wait on the announcement on that. It’s nice, I just got back yesterday from Los Angeles, from Mike’s house meeting with the whole band. It’s looking like it’s on track to record mid this year.”

A complete transcript of the interview is currently available over at Loudwire.