Destruction are “Second To None”, new album Under Attack due in May

German thrash outfit Destruction have released a lyric video out for a new track titled “Second To None”. Frontman Schmier said the following of the clip:

“The lyric video of ‘Second To None’ explains itself. The problem with all the hate in the ‘Net is getting more and more present and meanwhile it also has certainly affected our music scene.”

The track will be released as part of a split two-track EP with Rage that is set for release on April 22nd. “Second To None” will also be appearing on the band’s upcoming new album Under Attack. Schmier said of the cover art for the release – which can be found below along with the track listing:

“I had the vision of the exploding earth with the Destruction skull as continents before we even had the title.

Never has the earth and every individual been so under attack: whether it’s environmental issues, wars or politics and media madness, we just destroy everything that we love!

The cover brings together the classical concepts of the band’s history and fits in well with the discography… but, unfortunately, it also represents the current state of the world today!”

The bassist/vocalist went on to discuss the making of the album, offering:

“We really took our time for this album. After the summer festivals, we went into the studio every couple of weeks to record brand new songs and ideas in between all the touring activities. We took several studio sessions instead of one long one, to keep the ideas fresh and have time later before the mix to change bits and pieces that we did not like. Maybe this was the most effective writing we did in the last years! Due the fact we had more time in between the albums, there was a lot of musical output and creativity, but also less pressure. From my point of view, you can definitely hear the crispiness in the songwriting and the kick-ass attitude we brought from the shows into the studio. The ‘on tour into the studio on tour mode’ was so effective that I wanna keep this method for the future!”

Under Attack drops on May 20th through Nuclear Blast. Pre-orders are now live at the label’s webstore.

Under Attack track listing:

1. “Under Attack”
2. “Generation Nevermore”
3. “Dethroned”
4. “Getting Used To The Evil”
5. “Pathogenic”
6. “Elegant Pigs”
7. “Second To None”
8. “Stand Up For What You Deliver”
9. “Conductor Of The Void”
10. “Stigmatized”
11. “Black Metal”
(feat. Alex Camargo [Krisiun])
12. “Thrash Attack”

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