U.K. rockers Deaf Havana have launched pre-orders for their upcoming full-length All These Countless Nights. Along with the pre-orders is the release of three tracks for download and streaming: “Sing”, “Trigger”, and deluxe bonus track “Cassiopeia”. You can listen the first two songs below via their previously released videos, while the latter can be heard on Spotify. The effort’s official release date is January 27th on SO Recordings. Physical and digital copies can be secured ahead of time through the band’s official store, iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play.

All These Countless Nights track listing:

1. “Ashes, Ashes”
2. “Trigger”
3. “L.O.V.E”
4. “Happiness”
5. “Fever”
6. “Like a Ghost”
7. “Pretty Low”
8. “England”
9. “Seattle”
10. “St. Paul’s”
11. “Sing”
12. “Pensacola, 2013”
13. “Cassiopeia”
(bonus track)


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