Dead Procession 2

Labyrinth Productions, the doom sub-label of Altare Productions, is proud to present the full-length debut of Dead Procession, Rituais e Mantras do Medo, set for international release on March 1st.

A shadowy entity hailing from the fertile underground of Portugal, Dead Procession began in 2009 with a series of three, super-limited demo tapes – each limited to only 33 copies, in fact. The style back then was keyboard-driven ambient/drone, but with the release of a split 7″ with fellow countrymen Black Cilice in 2013, Dead Procession developed its ambient/drone to include vocals, and also garnered more attention due to the fortuitous pairing: a shared sensibility of otherworldly wanderlust, of magisterial melancholy, despite utilizing seemingly opposed means. However, with Rituais e Mantras do Medo, Dead Procession display that a tangibly black metal atmosphere can be created without using any conventional black metal at all. Here, the development on the split with Black Cilice follows forward toward a ritualistic sort of drone/doom full of contemplation and wonderment, embracing the vast expanses of the natural world whilst remaining resolutely alone and isolated. Each of the five tracks across the album start with the barest of fundaments and then build from there, the textures subtly unfolding as the trance takes hold. In fact, the album title itself translates to “Rituals and Mantras of Fear” in English, and it’s this very emphasis on the nightside that suggests that Dead Procession in general and Rituais e Mantras do Medo in particular together form a sort of “shadow self” to black metal but, again, not being remotely “black metal” by any conventional definition of the term. With solemn pride, Labyrinth Productions will present the album on cassette tape, with a special edition to be released in oversized box and slipcase.

Rituais e Mantras do Medo track listing:

1. “Mantra de Sombras”
2. “Percorrendo os Caminhos da Noite”
3. “Osmose Espiritual”
4. “No Labirinto”
5. “No Fundo dos Lagos Negros”

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