Baroness’ John Baizley and artist Marald Van Haasteren feature Purple artwork in february exhibit Desperation Burns

Baroness 8

Official press release:

Baroness’ John Dyer Baizley and graphic artist Marald Van Haasteren, who partnered on the artwork for Baroness’ new album, Purple, will feature original artwork from the new release as well as other individual and collaborative works in a February art exhibit dubbed Desperation Burns: The Artwork of Purple at Co Exhibitions in Minneapolis (1101 Stinson Blvd #2). The opening reception, which both Baizley and Haasteren will attend, is Feb. 6 at 7 pm central. Baizley explains:

Marald and I have a long history as friends and artists, and we’re excited to show our work together, most of which was made for the recently released Baroness album, Purple. Marald and I have worked in parallel over the past decade or more, creating covers and images within and around the punk/HC community, and we’re thrilled to finally hang some of our work together. We worked relentlessly on the images and layout for Purple, and would love to share some of this process, in the form of an exhibition of our work in various formats.”

Baizley painted the cover art for Purple, which will be featured at the exhibit, while Van Haasteren created the multiple interior illustrations as well as the visuals that accompany the various song premieres from the new album. A time-lapse video of Baizley’s work on the Purple cover art can be seen here:

Noisey Design visited Baizley at home to discuss the current art as well as his work with Kvelertak, Black Tusk, and Kylesa: