Song: “Love’s Sudden Death”
Director: The Video Witch
Album: The Buried Storm
Release Date: April 15th, 2022
Label: Prophecy Productions

DARKHER bandleader Jayn Maiven comments:

“The third single taken from The Buried Storm, is titled  ‘Love’s Sudden Death’ and it takes the shape of a dark romantic ballad, which was heavily inspired by the mood of an ancient landscape. Dramatic, beautiful, and sometimes bleak, the emotions evoked by Long Dike Moor appear to perfectly mirror the feelings captured within the song.”


The Buried Storm track listing:

  1. “Sirens Nocturne”
  2. “Lowly Weep”
  3. “Unbound”
  4. “Where the Devil Waits”
  5. “Love’s Sudden Death”
  6. “The Seas”
  7. “Immortals”
  8. “Fear Not, My King”
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