Band: Agathodaimon
Song: “Kyrie/Gloria”
Album: The Seven
Release Date: March 18th, 2022
Label: Napalm Records

The group said of the track:

“This is one of the most extreme songs on our album. Blast beats meet excessive Doom Metal riffs… We love the intense atmosphere evoked here – the song has an awesome groove, and we’re really looking forward to playing it live. Oh, and we highly suggest checking out the video clip we did for this one!”


The Seven track listing:

  1. “La Haine”
  2. “Ain’t Death Grand”
  3. “Wolf Within”
  4. “Ghosts of Greed”
  5. “Mother of all Gods”
  6. “Estrangement”
  7. “In my Dreams (Part 1 – Prelude)”
  8. “In my Dreams (Part 2 – In Bitterness)”
  9. “Kyrie/Gloria”
  10. “The Divine”