Photo by: Dante Torrieri

New York metallers Damn Your Eyes will be releasing their international full-length debut, Kill The Outside on August 2nd. A video for the album’s lead single, “Ascension”, is now streaming and can be found below. Guitarist/vocalist Artie Alexander said of the song:

“I wrote this song while in a revolutionary state of mind. It’s more or less about how I’m fed up with the nonsense going on in our government, and I also wanted it to parallel the feelings of the colonies – in a subtle way – that were tired of the nonsense they had to endure under British rule. Overtaxing, overspending, buying elections setting the conversation in their favor, etc. Patriots rise up against misrule. It’s about not eating the garbage the government is feeding us and doing something about it. Taking the power back to the people.”

Regarding the record, Alexander said:

“In the bed of all of these songs lies personal experiences. Experiences that every person on this planet can identify with, having either lived through them themselves or watched someone they love go through them. The album is about being human and the images seen through our eyes. Moments of anger, frustration, sorrow, loss, redemption, hope, recovery, revenge, survival and healing.”

Pre-orders for Kill The Outside begin this Friday, June 28th. “Ascension” is available digitally via Apple Music.

Kill The Outside track listing:

  1. “Ascension”
  2. “urn”
  3. “Dirty Viper”
  4. “Lions From Lambs”
  5. “Low Road”
  6. “Punk Fuck”
  7. “Slower”
  8. “These Are The Things”
  9. “Through It All”
  10. “Tree Line”

Damn Your Eyes is:

Kenny Vincent Jr. – Lead Vocals
Artie Alexander – Guitar and Vocals
Oddie McLaughlin – Bass
Rick Taiano – Drums

[via Decibel]