Counterfeit Culture release “Apothecary” music video feat. Ricky Armellino of This Or The Apocalypse

Band: Counterfeit Culture
Song: “Apothecary” feat. Ricky Armellino (This Or The Apocalypse)
Album: Deathwish EP
Release Date: August 1st, 2017

Guitarist Patrick Robertson talked of the video saying:

“This music video is the most meaningful thing of the whole release for all of us. We spent so much time planning out the storyboard, and drove all the way to Lancaster, PA to film part of it. Of course having our good friend Ricky Armellino in it makes it that much more special to all of us. We wanted to follow up on our music video for ‘X’, and put out something that’s just as impactful. Alec and Kiera, the actor and actress in this video did an absolutely amazing job portraying an abusive relationship. This is a culmination of all our hard work, and we hope everyone can get something out of it!”


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