Contrition to release debut effort, Broken Mortal Coil in October via Disorder Recordings

Photo by: Dave Rast

Official press release:

Disorder Recordings announces the late October release of Broken Mortal Coil, the debut album from new Chicago-based outfit Contrition. The group unites current/former members of Nachtmystium, Wolvhammer, Usurper, Cobalt, Yakuza, Novembers Doom, Chrome Waves, Bones, and more, and the album features guests from The Black Dahlia Murder, Impaled, Graveripper, and Gridfailure.

Contrition’s sound picks up where prior collective Doomsday left off, rebuilding the lineup with a new moniker and immense intensity. The band unites Jerome Marshall (Cobalt, Yakuza) on vocals, Garry Naples (Novembers Doom, Without Waves) on drums, Jeff Wilson (Chrome Waves, Deeper Graves, ex-Wolvhammer) on guitars and synth, and Jon Woodring (Bones, ex-Usurper) on bass. The group’s Broken Mortal Coil debut is a gnarled, gritty affair, recorded during the 2020 lockdowns. The album delivers a deluge of stomping, groove-forged, low-end savagery, with the influence of early 1990s death metal, thick modern tones, and a hostile, streetwise vibe.

Broken Mortal Coil was engineered, mixed, and mastered by Jeff Wilson at Disorder Recordings, and completed with cover art by Ethan McCarthy (Primitive Man) and design by Wilson. Further expanding the record’s attack, Contrition invited several guests to contribute to the record, with additional vocals on “For Misery” by Trevor Strnad (The Black Dahlia Murder), additional guitars on “Diluted” by Leon del Muerte (Impaled, ex-Exhumed), additional synth and vocals on “Desolation Star” by David Brenner (Gridfailure), and additional guitars on “Nihilistic Right” by Corey Parks (Graveripper). The album closes with a twisted rendition of Nirvana’s “Tourette’s”.

A brief teaser for Contrition’s Broken Mortal Coil is now playing below:

Broken Mortal Coil will see release through Disorder Recordings October 29th, on 12” vinyl, digipak CD, and all digital platforms. Find pre-orders RIGHT HERE.

Watch for additional audio previews, videos, and more to post over the weeks ahead.

Broken Mortal Coil track listing:

  1. “Diluted” feat. Leon del Muerte (Impaled, ex-Exhumed)
  2. “Amped”
  3. “Nihilistic Right” feat. Corey Parks (Graveripper)
  4. “For Misery” feat. Trevor Strnad (The Black Dahlia Murder)
  5. “Desolation Star” feat. David Brenner (Gridfailure)
  6. “Added Subtraction”
  7. “Without Guilt”
  8. “Tourette’s” (Nirvana cover)

Contrition is:

Jerome Marshall – vocals
Garry Naples – drums
Jeff Wilson – guitars/synth
Jon Woodring – bass