Cloudkicker released a brand new effort this week under the moniker Woum. Sole member Ben Sharp said of the release and future projects:

“Here’s the scoop with Woum. I’ll make it available for download on Wednesday, because that’s the day that I arbitrarily picked for it to be available on all the streaming services and iTunes and everything. It’s 7 tracks, roughly 25 minutes which puts it in the “The Map is Not the Territory” and “Let Yourself Be Huge” ballpark (in terms of length).

This will no doubt be a bummer for some but Woum and conceivably any future releases will go back to being digital only like everything was pre-Beacons. Sorry, I know how much people dig the physical releases. But I feel like I have a pretty good reason: Making vinyl is a tremendous pain in the ass. For lots of reasons, not the least of which is the 3-4 month lead time on production that always feels like an incredible drag on momentum.

I will for sure be losing out on money by doing this, and oh well. The time I’ll have back by not dealing with the production and distribution of these things will more than make up for it to me. I’ve been feeling a little squeezed by the entire merch process recently, and by simplifying things in this way I’ll have more time to actually make music, which I’m excited about. Life has gotten busier in the past year and it doesn’t look like it will slow down any time soon, so this is a way for me to keep things balanced.

Woum is a nice culmination of the past 10 years of making music on my own, and I feel like it reconnected me to the thing that got me into this in the first place: That making music is really fun because you can do whatever you want.

Anyway, a very sincere thanks to everyone that has helped me get to this point and I hope we can keep it going for a while. Have a nice day and feel free to ask questions in the comments.”

Woum is available now and can be purchased through the Bandcamp player below, on iTunes, and on Google Play.

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