Photo by: Markus Stock

German death/doom outfit Cavernous Gate has debuted a lyric video for new single “The Artefact”. The track is the first offering off their upcoming debut full-length Voices from a Fathomless Realm, out October 14th via Prophecy Productions. Pre-orders are available now and can be secured at this location.

Speaking of “The Artefact”, mastermind/multi-instrumentalist Sebastian “S.K.” Körkemeier reveals:

“A rough sketch of a pale eye that reflects shadowy figures inspired me to write these lyrics. The song’s atmosphere and arrangement kind of created a basic musical storyline, which I continued to build on. ‘The Artefact’ is probably the stylistically most consistent track on the album and it shows clear influences from both early thrash and death metal.”

Voices from a Fathomless Realm was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Markus Stock at Klangschmiede Studio E in Germany. The artwork was handled by the band’s sole member Sebastian Körkemeier, with the layout catered by Łukasz Jaszak.

Voices from a Fathomless Realm track listing:

  1. “That Night… (Intro)”
  2. “Old Graves Stir”
  3. “Through the Morass”
  4. “Conjuration”
  5. “A World in Shade”
  6. “Watcher of the Vast”
  7. “The Artefact”
  8. “The Turning Veil”
  9. “Skeleton Path (Outro)”