Born of Osiris debut “Poster Child” music video

Band: Born of Osiris
Song: “Poster Child”
Album: Angel or Alien
Release Date: July 2nd, 2021
Label: Sumerian Records

Angel or Alien track listing:

  1. “Poster Child”
  2. “White Nile”
  3. “Angel or Alien”
  4. “Waves”
  5. “Oathbreaker”
  6. “Threat of Your Presence”
  7. “Love Story”
  8. “Crossface”
  9. “Echobreather”
  10. “Lost Souls”
  11. “In For The Kill”
  12. “You Are The Narrative”
  13. “Truth and Denial”
  14. “Shadowmourne”