Becoming The Archetype issue video for “The Remnant”

Band: Becoming The Archetype
Song: “The Remnant”
Director: Shutterstinct and Kevin Johnson (Hometown Crew)
Album: Children of the Great Extinction
Release Date: August 26th, 2022
Label: Solid State Records

Bassist/vocalist Jason Wisdom comments:

‘The Remnant’ is a very important track for me as a lynchpin of the story on this album. Not only is it one of the heaviest and grooviest songs on the record, but it was the first lyrical piece I wrote for the album and launched the whole idea for the concept. It also bears the original name of the band —we were called ‘The Remnant‘ before we changed it to Becoming the Archetype. So the song is symbolically a way of tying everything back together with the whole history of the band.”