Bare Teeth – First The Town, Then The World EP stream

French punks quartet Bare Teeth dropped their new EP First The Town, Then The World last Friday. A full stream of the effort is available below, along with their latest music video for the single “Parted Ways”. The band said of the effort:

First The Town, Then The World is our first ‘real’ record, as we released a 3-song demo in December 2015…

It took us almost a year to get it recorded, mixed, and mastered. We had several issues as JayJay, our former bass player, left the band in March 2016, but also broke his right thumb at the same time, so he couldn’t record with us. Tom only joined in September 2016, so it took a little time for him to learn all the songs, work on some backing vocals and get everything recorded. So, we’re quite happy that this record is about to get released!

The mixing was done by Trevor Reilly of A Wilhelm Scream, and Steve Rawles of Belvedere did some guest vocals or us on ‘These Towns Need Guns’. It’s somewhat crazy because we are long-time fans of these bands and both Trevor and Steve were really interested in helping us.”

Copies of First The Town, Then The World EP are available on CD, vinyl, and digital formats via the group’s Bandcamp.

First The Town, Then The World EP track listing:

1. “First The Town, Then The World”
2. “Behind The Wall”
3. “Parted Ways”
4. “Always Rain”
5. “Down”
6. “Tomorrow Starts Today”
7. “These Towns Need Guns”
(feat. Steve Rawles)
8. “Behind The Wall” (acoustic)