Band: All Hail The Yeti
Song: “See You Never”
Album: Highway Crosses
Release Date: November 16th, 2018
Label: minus HEAD Records

Frontman Connor Gerritty said of it:

“The new track, ‘See You Never’, was one of the first songs written for Highway Crosses. The song was written about a person from my past that disrespected me, the band, my friends, our fans and my family. The lyrics say, ‘I am stronger than you, nothing left to prove’ instead of handling this person with violence or physical harm, I turned to bettering myself and fighting harder to be successful in my life.

Sometimes fighting physically is the natural reaction for being wronged. When you stand up for yourself with intellect instead of violence, it shows a far greater amount of self respect and I think in the end it feels like better revenge! Musically, this is the classic AHTY song. It has heavy verses, more hooks than a tackle box and a storming bridge/breakdown to finish it off! It has been crushing live on this current tour with Life Of Agony and I feel that this song will be a staple in our live set!”


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  • Highway Crosses track listing:

    1. “Live Everyday”
    2. “See You Never”
    3. “Highway Crosses”
    4. “Slow Season”
    5. “Felo De Se”
    6. “Withdrawal Delirium”
    7. “World Is Cold”
    8. “Seymour Avenue”
    9. “Anti-Social Media”
    10. “Necktie Party”
    11. “Murder Frost” (interlude)
    12. “The Nuclear Dust”