Attic debut video for new song “The Hound Of Heaven”

German metallers Attic will be releasing their new album Sanctimonious on August 18th via Ván Records. The record’s first single, “The Hound Of Heaven” is now available online and can be heard below. Pre-orders for the effort are now available at the label’s webstore.

Sanctimonious track listing:

1. “Iudicium Dei”
2. “Sanctimonious”
3. “A Serpent In The Pulpit”
4. “Penalized”
5. “Scrupulosity”
6. “Sinless”
7. “Die Engelmacherin”
8. “A Quest for Blood”
9. “The Hound Of Heaven”
10. “On Choir Stalls”
11. “Dark Hosanna”
12. “Born From Sin”
13. “There Is No God”