Band: Armor For Sleep
Song: “Whatever, Who Cares”
Director: Jesse Korman (Hot Water Music, The Juliana Theory)
Album: The Rain Museum
Release Date: September 9th, 2022
Label: Equal Vision Records

Bandleader Ben Jorgensen said of the song:

‘Whatever, Who Cares’ is a song about coming to grips with the fact that certain wounds are inescapably self-inflicted. But instead of this being a song about having the strength to overcome these truths, this song is about the moments where just accepting the absurdity of it all seems like the least painful route to take. The video follows the story of a couple (the same couple from our ‘How Far Apart’ music video) being subject to a strange experiment at the hands of a mysterious organization. Their relationship is engineered to end in repeated failure, and they find themselves unable to prevail, ultimately choosing poison bottles over fighting to escape the cycle.”