Apothesary have released a lyric video for their new song “Tempest (Even Tide)”. The track features a guitar solo by Bill Hudson (U.D.O., I Am Morbid, Trans-Siberian Orchestra). The clip was created by Tsunami Films. Guitarist Clayton Cagle said of the song and video:

“Musically, parts of ‘Tempest’ date as far back as 2010. Some of those riffs (albeit modified) are actually some of the earliest material I had ever written – which is special to me to reflect on. It was also a chance for Greg and I to write and arrange together; bouncing ideas off of each other in a music composing program. He and I always seem to sync up when we talk about our goals and opinions. And I have always, ALWAYS wanted a giant triplet breakdown with an ominous, tremolo-picked lead.

Lyrically, this was the last song written for the record. At the time… I was experiencing some things that I didn’t know how to handle. There were a lot of emotions that I couldn’t make sense of. And because of the way the previous year of my life had unraveled, I was already in a dangerous place.

I remember sitting in my bed one night, alone, with the substance that I was convinced was the only thing helping me (the same substance later convinced me that I was about to die, but that’s another story). I was miserable to the point that I hadn’t written anything in weeks but I knew I needed to do something to release that pressure. So I forced myself to pick up my notebook and just started writing down thoughts. The arranged version of that desperate night became ‘Tempest’.”

The group’s sophomore album Accept Loss Forever is due on July 7th through M-Theory Audio. Pre-orders are available now at the label’s webstore and the group’s Bandcamp.

Accept Loss Forever track listing:

1. “Sensory Overload”
2. “Two-Minute Hate”
3. “1976”
4. “Elizabeth”
5. “Accept Loss Forever”
6. “Making Up For Lost Time”
7. “You’ve Met With A Terrible Fate, Haven’t You?”
8. “Knight”
9. “Woodland Critter Christmas”
10. “Tempest (Even Tide)”
11. “Expressionless Me”

[via Metal Underground]