Band: Angra
Song: “Ride Into The Storm”
Director: Leo Liberti
Album: Cycles of Pain
Release Date: November 3rd, 2023
Label: Atomic Fire Records

The band comments:

‘Ride Into The Storm’ is a relentless and aggressive piece that captures the essence of Angra’s style. With its fast-paced tempo and modern flair, the song retains the band’s distinct DNA while delivering intricate and technically challenging passages; the fusion of traditional and progressive elements pushes the boundaries without sacrificing the band’s signature style. ‘Ride Into The Storm’ is one more step in Angra’s evolution, embodying aggression, speed, modernity, and ability in one cohesive and engaging package. The lyrics take us on a powerful and transformative journey, portraying the duality within us as we face both challenges and opportunities. Amidst division and adversity, we find the strength to evolve and grow. Guided by hope and a thirst for truth, we embark on a new crusade, united as warriors of change. With unwavering determination, we fearlessly confront the chaos, embracing transformation and forging our own destiny. The storm becomes our ally, propelling us forward as we ride towards a brighter future.”


Cycles of Pain track listing:

1. “Cyclus Doloris”
2. “Ride Into The Storm”
3. “Dead Man On Display”
4. “Tide Of Changes – Part I”
5. “Tide Of Changes – Part II”
6. “Vida Seca”
7. “Gods Of The World”
8. “Cycles Of Pain”
9. “Faithless Sanctuary”
10. “Here In The Now”
11. “Generation Warriors”
12. “Tears Of Blood”