Anamorph share bass playthrough for new track “Overcome”

Band: Anamorph
Song: “Overcome”
Album: Lucid
Release Date: September 6th, 2019
Label: Self-released

Bassist Griffin Daniels said:

“When it comes to bass, ‘Overcome’ takes place all over the fretboard. Both my right and left hands put forward a massive amount of work throughout the entire song. Overall this is one of my favorite songs from the album, and there wasn’t another choice that could’ve fit bass better. From the pirate-like beginning, to the technical hectic side of the middle, and finally getting sent off with the big epic phrase at the end, this song is a whirlwind of techniques and musical feeling.”


Lucid track listing:

  1. “Reverie”
  2. “Myopia”
  3. “Hubris”
  4. “Fading Azure”
  5. “Twilight’s Somber Gaze”
  6. “Feasting a Ravaged Earth”
  7. “Breakthrough!”
  8. “Endogenous Change”
  9. “Sublimate”
  10. “Overcome”
  11. “Civilized Sociopath”
  12. “Catharsis”
  13. “In Time”

Tour dates:

9/05 – Durham, NC | The Pinhook
9/06 – Augusta, GA | The Epicenter
9/08 – West Columbia, SC | New Brookland Tavern
9/10 – Toms River, NJ | The Clubhouse
9/11 – Boston, MA | O’Brien’s Pub
9/12 – Wallingford, CT | Cherry St. Station
9/14 – Dayton, OH | Blind Bob’s
9/15 – Charlotte, NC | The Milestone

[via Gear Gods]