Band: Analepsy
Song: “Fractured Continuum”
Director: Joël Martins
Album: Quiescence
Release Date: May 27th, 2022
Label: Agonia Records/Miasma Records/Vomit Your Shirt

Quiescence track listing:

  1. “Locus of Dawning”
  2. “Impending Subversion”
  3. “Elapsing Permanence” (feat. Wilson NG)
  4. “Accretion Collision”
  5. “Stretched and Devoured” (feat. Angel Ochoa)
  6. “Converse Condition”
  7. “Fractured Continuum”
  8. “Spasmodic Dissonance” (feat. Ricky Myers)
  9. “Edge of Chaos”
  10. “Quiescence” (instrumental)
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