Album stream: Levels – Levels

Band: Levels
Album: Levels
Release Date: June 15th, 2018
Label: Famined Records

The group said of it:

“This record was created over the last year and a half. Many hours and long nights have gone into its creation. This album means more to us than most will know. It’s a special moment to finally put it out for the public to hear. All of our musical styles, tastes, and contributions collided into what we are proud to call our first full-length album. If you are a fan of heavy, this is definitely worth your while.”


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  • Levels track listing:

    1. “May Flower”
    2. “Bloodstream”
    3. “Disorder”
    4. “Alive”
    5. “Cosmic Waves”
    6. “Mind”
    feat. Myke Terry
    7. “Slip”
    8. “Doppelgänger”
    9. “Guilt”
    feat. K. Toomer
    10. “Fall To Earth”
    11. “Define”

    [via The Noise]