Band: Detach The Islands
Album: The Burden To Become Fact
Release Date: July 5th, 2019
Label: Dental Records

Streaming exclusively via Metal Injection.

Bandleader Emmett Ceglia commented:

“I’m eager to see how people take to these styles done this way. I think we’re offering something different here from what hardcore/powerviolence fans are used to. I’m so grateful to everyone who has been involved in making TBTBF come to life and none of this would have been done without them: Jay, Siddhu, Eric, Ashley, Dominic, and Dan to name a few. Ready or not, here we come world.”


The Burden To Become Fact track listing:

  1. “Who Holds My Head Down?”
  2. “Announcing Peace”
  3. “The Rhythm That Starts The Dance”
  4. “Love Is The Miracle We Fabricate”
  5. “Culture Architects”
  6. “Placebo”
  7. “Refugee Anatomy”
  8. “Reset Yourself To Zero”
  9. “The Burden To Become Fact (Activate Me)”
  10. “You Are The Ghost”
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