Aborted premiere ManiaCult title track feat. Fit For An Autopsy frontman Joe Badolato

Band: Aborted
Song: “ManiaCult” feat. Joe Badolato (Fit For An Autopsy)
Director: Aimed & Framed
Album: ManiaCult
Release Date: September 10th, 2021
Label: Century Media Records

Aborted said of the new song:

“Like lambs to the slaughter, Wayland takes you to your next trip after you spent the night in hell. Ghouls and Ghoulettes, we are very proud to present to you the title track of our new album Maniacult, errr… MANIACULT!!! This song features a very special guest, our good friend and one and only Joebad from Fit for an Autopsy making sure you shake dat ass during its heavier parts. We hope you enjoy becoming part of the ManiaCult, as we have quite a few surprises left to come! We have such sights to show you.”