Band: Yours Truly
Song: “Careless Kind”
Album: is this what i look like? EP
Release Date: July 15th, 2022
Label: UNFD

Vocalist Mikaila Delgado comments:

“I wrote ‘Careless Kind’ after talking to a friend about my anxieties and listening to how chill they were about everything. I remember thinking, ‘I wish I could be like them, see things in black and white and not overthink absolutely everything.’ It tackles a lot of my health and social anxiety and how I feel like it constantly takes over my ability to be carefree because I’m always thinking ‘what if?’. Everything down to the scars on my ankles from an operation I had when I was young, which was where a lot of my self-consciousness began. It’s wishing I could reset my thoughts and remove the anxiety.”


is this what i look like? track listing:

  1. “Walk Over My Grave”
  2. “Bruises” feat. Drew York
  3. “Careless Kind”
  4. “is this what i look like?”
  5. “Hallucinate” feat. Josh Franceschi
  6. “Drowning (I’ll Learn How To Hold My Breath)”
  7. “Lights On”
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