Progressive/technical death metal outfit Xenosis have scheduled the release of their upcoming fourth full-length, Paralleled Existence on October 1st. Following their 2018 album, Devour and Birth, Paralleled Existence features cover art by Caelan Stokkerman (Soreption, Lorna Shore, Fires In The Distance), and mixing and mastering by Nick Bellmore at Dexters Lab Studio. The group said of the new record:

“We feel that Paralleled Existence is our best effort yet and our most well rounded. We achieved a unique blend of brutality, technicality, groove, and progressive elements on this release in a new way that is new for us. The addition of new members for sure played a big role in how this album sounds different than the last one.”

News of the new album come with the premiere of a lyric video for its first single, “Castrato”, which was created by Matias Quiroz of Bleak Flesh. Pre-orders of Paralleled Existence can be found over at Xenosis’ Bandcamp.

Paralleled Existence track listing:

  1. “Entities Yielded Essence Storage (E.Y.E.S)”
  2. “Prophetic Blight”
  3. “Castrato”
  4. “Amorphous Conquerors”
  5. “Jenkem Overdose”
  6. “Skin of the Dead”
  7. “Personification of the Unconscious”
  8. “Dimension Oppressor”

Xenosis is:

Sal Bova – vocals
Kenny Bullard – guitar (ex-Formless)
Keith Benway – guitar
Craig Breitsprecher – bass, backing vocals (Fires in the Distance, Archaic Decapitator, ex-Formless)
Gary Marotta – drums (Archaic Decapitator)