Singapore grind outfit Wormrot have announced the release their new full-length Hiss. Their first in six years, the record is slated to arrive on July 8th via Earache Records. Speaking of the new album, the group issued the following statement:

“It feels like there’s no better time to release Hiss than now. The pandemic put us out longer than we expected and it seems like we are close to the end of it. The world is adapting and we’d like to be part of the mental recovery for the underground community. We hope to draw more attention to Grindcore and prove that Grindcore is not to be taken lightly. This is us finding new vigor and regaining confidence after years of lull and uncertainty.”

Pre-orders are available at this location. A music video for lead single “Behind Closed Doors” has also debuted and can be found below.

Hiss track listing:

  1. “The Darkest Burden”
  2. “Broken Maze”
  3. “Behind Closed Doors”
  4. “When Talking Fails, It’s Time For Violence”
  5. “Your Dystopian Hell”
  6. “Unrecognizable”
  7. “Hatred Transcending”
  8. “Doomsayer”
  9. “Pale Moonlight”
  10. “Seizures”
  11. “Voiceless Choir”
  12. “Grieve”
  13. “Sea Of Disease”
  14. “Noxious Cloud”
  15. “Shattered Faith”
  16. “Desolate Landscapes”
  17. “Spiral Eyes”
  18. “Vicious Circle”
  19. “Weeping Willow”
  20. “All Will Wither”
  21. “Glass Shards”
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