Psychedilc doom trio Wizard Eye have released a new single titled “Stoneburner”. Vocalist/guitarist Erik Caplan said of the song:

“I don’t think anyone ever sets out to write a nine-minute song, but this one just blossomed naturally into its final, lengthy form as we indulged our desire to explore some of the places the riff wanted to go. The trippy outro section came as a way to tag the end of the song with a contrasting feeling. The rest of the tune is very structured and stompy, so the idea of a loose, free, psychedelic freak-out at the end felt like a release. This song’s lyrical inspiration came from a documentary about the Ulfberht swords found in Europe and Norway. The idea that these weapons were feared on sight spurred thoughts about what it might be like to be the most bad ass sword known to man. While Freud would most likely have a field day analyzing the phallocentric, immature nature of this concept, I felt obliged to write those lyrics because I am essentially an overgrown teenager, and my band mates enable and encourage this sort of behavior. Consequently, this song gave me an excuse to say things like, ‘More edge/Alive/Have arms/Will thrive/Keen slice/Unreal/Caress/Of Steel,’ which was just too tempting to ignore.”

The song is off the band’s upcoming self-titled record, which is set to hit shelves October 10th through Black Monk Records. Pre-orders are available here (North America) and here (outside North America).

Another track from the effort titled “Flying Falling” saw its debut in mid-September over at Noisey. The song can be heard below.

Wizard Eye track listing:

1. “Eye Of The Deep”
2. “Flying Falling”
3. “Phase Return”
4. “Graybeard”
5. “Drowning Daydream”
6. “My Riposte Is Like Lightning”
7. “Nullarbor”
8. “Thunderbird Divine”
9. “Stoneburner”

Wizard Eye 4

[via The Obelisk]

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