Band: Withered
Album: Verloren
Release Date: June 25th, 2021
Label: Season of Mist

Guitarist/vocalist Mike Thompson comments:

“Releasing a new album is likely the closest I’ll ever get to welcoming a child into the world. The culmination of all Withered’s effort being on the precipice of release will always give me pause. To reflect upon crafting most of Verloren during an unconceived global pandemic with a permeating uncertainty will be an ongoing exercise for me. I think that Beau, Dan, Rafay, and I have accomplished our goal of capturing & exorcising the loss, forlornness, and frustrations that burden each of us. And, I hope anyone who sits down with this record can get a sense of that and harness their own cathartic release. Verloren traverses a lot of territory so enjoy settling into it. We’ll see everyone on the other side and hopefully out in the wild soon.”

Additionally, to celebrate the release of the Verloren, Withered bassist Rafay Nabeel will be hosting a two-hour radio show via Gimme Metal on June 30 at 3:00 P.M. EDT! Nabeel and other members of the band will be present in the live chat and there will also be opportunities to win some Withered vinyls and CDs! Fans can sign up for free and tune in at THIS LOCATION.


Verloren track listing:

  1. “By Tooth In Tongue”
  2. “The Predation”
  3. “Dissolve”
  4. “Casting In Wait”
  5. “Passing Through…”
  6. “…The Long Hurt”
  7. “Verloren”
  8. “From Ashen Shores”