Band: Witchery
Song: “Witching Hour”
Director: Martin Hultgren
Album: Nightside
Release Date: July 22nd, 2022
Label: Century Media Records

Guitarist Jensen said of the track:

“And so, the ‘Witching Hour’ has finally arrived…This, the opening track of the new concept album Nightside, kicks off a story of unreal nightmares, demonic possession, inquisitional witches’ trials and then dives into the really dark stuff, haha. First try for us to create a concept album and we are very happy with how it turned out. We worked hard at creating songs that followed the dramaturgy of the story (which was more work than we ever realized, but a challenged we accepted and overcame!). We’re pretty sure that ‘Popecrusher’, and now ‘Witching Hour’, will pique your interest in hearing the full story of Nightside!”


Nightside track listing:

  1. “Witching Hour”
  2. “Don’t Burn the Witch”
  3. “Storm of the Unborn”
  4. “Er steht in Flammen”
  5. “Popecrusher”
  6. “Left Hand March”
  7. “Under the Altar”
  8. “Churchburner”
  9. “Crucifix and Candle”
  10. “A Forest of Burning Coffins”
  11. “Nightside”
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