Photo by: Chris Schanz

Official press release:

Witch Ripper have inked a multi-album deal with Magnetic Eye Records. The forward-thinking US sludge metal outfit will release their forthcoming third full-length via the label.

Witch Ripper guitarist and vocalist Curtis Parker comments:

“We are truly excited about signing a multi-album deal with Magnetic Eye. As a band we want to push the heavy genre beyond the normal doom sludge songwriting tropes. Right away Magnetic Eye picked up on that. They have embraced our ideas and have been supportive of what we are trying to accomplish straight from the first phone call, and we can hardly wait to continue to grow as a band working with Magnetic Eye’s guidance. We feel like we have finally found a home, so hold onto your butts, because we are just getting started.”

Magnetic Eye director Jadd Shickler enthuses:

“We are stoked to welcome Witch Ripper to the Magnetic Eye family. From the anthemic, vintage-tinged rock ‘n roll of Ruby the Hatchet via the brutality of Horsehunter to the angular riff-prog of Caustic Casanova, the sonic connections across the Magnetic Eye roster might not be obvious, but there is a common thread:  engaging and dynamic heaviness.  That can take lots of forms, and that is why signing Witch Ripper makes perfect sense and happened with zero hesitation. This is a band on the frontiers of modern metal, dipping into the galloping sludge of bands like Mastodon and Baroness while channeling the epic stadium rock of Queen into the ultimate hybrid of infectious riff-metal. We couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome this foursome from the Emerald City, and can hardly wait to bring their new album to the masses!”

Tour dates:

7/22-7/24 Tacoma, WA – KVLT Fest II

Witch Ripper is:

Chad Fox – guitar, vocals
Brian Kim – bass, vocals
Curtis Parker – gutiar, vocals
Joe Eck – drums