Whitechapel announce new record Mark Of The Blade; debut title track

Whitechapel 8

Official press release:

On June 24th, Whitechapel will release their sixth full-length, Mark of the Blade, worldwide via Metal Blade Records. Pushing their sound forward with each successive release, Mark of the Blade remains true to the band’s roots while venturing into previously unexplored territory, both sonically and lyrically. View the lyric video for the first single – the album’s title track – below and pre-order the record in various formats at MetalBlade.com/Whitechapel.

Reunited with producer Mark Lewis (The Black Dahlia Murder, Cannibal Corpse), Whitechapel has redefined who they are and what they are capable of with their new album, Mark of the Blade. Kicking off with “The Void” – which has a Slayer-esque ferocity that is perfectly suited to the band’s three-guitar attack – the songs that follow all leave a distinct impression, and by the time the rich, dark melodies on “Decennium” bring the record to a close, it’s impossible to deny the emotional weight brought to bear. Guitarist Alex Wade asserts:

“It’s the most dynamic record we’ve done, in the sense that one song can be very aggressive while the next one will be softer and sentimental. At this point in our career and as we grow older, we are taking a more open-minded approach to creating our music, allowing what we think sounds good to evolve naturally, rather than to just write what is expected of us.”

Mark Of The Blade track listing:

1. “The Void”
2. “Mark of the Blade”
3. “Elitist Ones”
4. “Bring Me Home”
5. “Tremors”
6. “A Killing Industry”
7. “Tormented”
8. “Brotherhood”
9. “Dwell in the Shadows”
10. “Venomous”
11. “Decennium”

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