Whispered 1

Official press release:

“Epic” is a descriptive term bandied about a lot these days, but nowhere can it be used more fittingly than in describing the upcoming release from Finland’s Whispered! The masters of ‘Samurai Metal’ are back with third album Metsutan – Songs of the Void, which is set for release on May 20th through Redhouse FMP/Inverse Records.

Metsutan – Songs of the Void is a complex masterpiece, addictive from the get-go. The band seamlessly fuse traditional Japanese instruments and atmospheres with Scandinavian melodic death making for a captivating listening experience throughout the album’s ten tracks.

Following the release of their 2016 album, the band will be playing a slot at Tampere Metal Meeting playing alongside fellow Finnish greats such as Insomnioum and Moonsorrow.

Whispered is:

Jouni Valjakka – Vocals, Guitar
Mikko Mattila – Guitar
Kai Palo – Bass
Jussi Kallava – Drums

Metsutan track listing:

1. “Chi No Odori”
2. “Strike!”
3. “Exile Of The Floating World”
4. “Sakura Omen”
5. “Kensei”
6. “Our Voice Shall Be Heard”
7. “Tsukiakari”
8. “Warriors Of Yama”
9. “Victory Grounds Nothing”
10. “Bloodred Shores Of Enoshima”

Whispered 2