Welcome To Rockville

Although Welcome To Rockville was a month ago, coverage is still coming because I am only one man and there were over 3,000 pictures to sort through and edit for these posts. In any case, the coverage is drawing to a close (one more gallery is coming and a couple of interviews need to be transcribed) in what was without a doubt one of the greatest experiences I’ve had so far since I started this site.

The Sweet Escape

The day kicked off with a set by Port St. Lucie, FL rockers The Sweet Escape, who delivered an infectious set of pop-punk tunes.

From Ashes To New

Lancaster, PA outfit From Ashes To New followed with an amazing set of high-energy rap-rock. I had not heard the band until that morning and I was undeniably blown away by their performance. They didn’t have a gimmick going on or pyro or anything, it was just really catchy, heavy music with a great stage presence. Definitely a band to look out for.

Shattered Sun

Texas metal sextet Shattered Sun took the ReverbNation stage next and continued what was already looking to be a great day full of killer music. The thrash-infused metalcore outfit kept the momentum of the festival going with a headbanging set. The band are on the road at this time supporting their new effort Hope Within Hatred.


One of the fastest-growing new bands right now is Greenville, SC alternative metal band Islander. Their set at Rockville was no different than any of the other times that I’ve seen the band. Since that first set during last year’s Mayhem Festival, the size of the crowds they draw has steadily increased and there’s no surprise why: the band has good songs and they give it their all live. I would not be surprised to see these guys return next year to headline one of the side stages or land a spot on the main stage.


After Islander walked after another great set, another band that I knew nothing about – save that they were appearing at this festival – arrived. Columbus, OH cinematic rock band Starset were definitely a sight to behold, with each member dressed as though they were on their way to a sci-fi convention. Costumes aside, the band were all business as they proceeded with a stunning set of tracks off their Razor & Tie debut Transmissions.

This festival definitely knows how to bring together a lineup of artists that are not only varied but on the rise. The bands above definitely have talent in their own respect and I look forward to what’s next for each and every one of them.