Welcome To Rockville

Finally! The remaining pictures from the first day of this year’s Welcome To Rockville festival!

After the storm passed and it was cleared to resume the event, Periphery kicked things off on the Jägermeister Stage with a strong set that focused mainly on their Juggernaut double-album, which was released earlier this year. Testament followed on the ReverbNation Stage to deliver a stunning set of Bay Area thrash that was unfortunately cut short due to a second bout of bad weather. Though the storm was short it was bad enough to damage The Devil Wears Prada’s equipment, forcing them to cancel their appearance.

Once the second storm passed and operations were up-and-running again, Ministry reclaimed the day for concert-goers on the Jack Daniel’s Main Stage. The final side-stage act of the day were Bay Area crossover thrashers Suicidal Tendencies, who delivered an infectious set of high-energy punk-infused metal. Continuing in the thrash vein, the Monster Energy Main Stage saw Slayer drove the crowd into a frenzy with a crushing and varied set that focused on the band’s classics off their Reign In Blood, South Of Heaven, and Seasons In The Abyss albums. KoRn have recently been celebrating the 20th anniversary of their self-titled debut and Welcome To Rockville featured the band performing the record in its entirety along with select hits. The band were as good as ever, delivering a set with the fervor of a new band looking to make a name for themselves.

Despite the interruptions on behalf of unfavorable weather, day one was without a doubt a tremendous success. By the end, countless of those in attendance were covered in mud as a result of moshing in the wet fields. A small group of patrons were having the best time sliding on a patch of wet and muddy grass just before Ministry took the stage. That day was without a doubt just another example that goes to show that rock is alive and well. I am definitely looking forward to attending the event next year, because if it is anything like this year’s installment, it will be one hell of an experience.




Suicidal Tendencies



Still more to come as there is still Sunday, April 26th left to cover!

[All photos by Josh Doe Visuals]