Welcome To Rockville 2016 photo gallery #2 feat. Candlebox, Crown The Empire, Pop Evil, Escape The Fate, Collective Soul, Bring Me The Horizon, and 3 Doors Down

Here is the other half of photo coverage for day 1 of this year’s Welcome To Rockville Festival. It was definitely another killer experience. Exhausting running from stage to stage but awesome nonetheless. The setup for this year’s festival I found to be an improvement to last year’s festival by having all the stages set up on the same side of the Commodore Point Expressway. While last year featured the two secondary stages side by side, this year had the Monster Energy main stages next to each other. The River Stage was nearby the main stages, with the Metropolitan Stage the farthest away, set up by the pavilion. The one thing I would like to see is for the two sets of stages to be set up side by side, but that’s mainly a personal want to make covering the festival easier. Either way, the event was certainly a weekend to remember and, at the time, a much needed getaway from the humdrum school teacher life. Looking forward to next year’s World Loudest Month!


Crown The Empire

Pop Evil

Escape The Fate

Collective Soul

Bring Me The Horizon

3 Doors Down